Felony Charge Defense in Michigan | Luedke Law Group

Felony Charges If you’re facing felony charges, you need top-notch counsel that understands the felony laws of Michigan and who can commit expert legal representation for your defense in Circuit Court.

A felony is the most serious crime that can be committed and it can be punishable with probation, a year or more in jail or even life in prison. It is far more serious than a misdemeanor charge. A felony conviction also stays on your record and is difficult to have expunged. This can affect your future career, education and even housing opportunities.

Felonies usually involve bodily harm to another person, assault in the first degree or large sums of money. Common felonies include murder, sexual abuse, rape, grand theft, kidnapping or embezzlement.

At Luedke Law Group we understand the serious nature of felonies. We have trial experience for all types of felony charges in Michigan and can represent you in your felony case, whether you’re a first time offender or have been involved in several cases.