Get Your License Restored in Michigan | Luedke Law Group

License Restoration If you lost your driver’s license in Michigan due to a DUI or OWI, all is not lost. Michigan license restoration requirements are tough, but they’re not impossible to meet. At Luedke Law Group, we can give you the best chance of getting your license back in Michigan.

If you’ve been convicted of a DUI/OWI, you’ll need to request a hearing at the Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD). You only get one shot a year at having your license restored, so you’ll want a strong attorney with you who understands the process and has successfully represented others who wanted to get their license restored so they could drive again.

To get your license restored in Michigan, you need to undergo a substance abuse evaluation and prove that you have not consumed alcohol for at least 12 months. Any indication of alcohol or drugs and your Michigan license restoration request may be denied. You’ll also need letters from family and friends, telling the DAAD that you have been free of alcohol and/or drugs.

During the hearing, you will want to have an experienced attorney by your side, one who understands Michigan DUI law and who has represented others in license restoration hearings. The hearing is something you don’t want to take lightly. If denied, you may have to wait another calendar year before requesting a hearing again. In the meantime, you have to hitch rides with family or friends or rely on public transportation. This can make getting or keeping a job more difficult.

If you have lost your license and are ready to go through the license restoration hearing, give Luedke Law Group a call. We’ll walk you through the process and help you get your license restored.