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Juvenile Matters If you have a child under 18 who has been arrested in Michigan, he or she will be charged through the local Juvenile Justice System instead of the regular adult court system.

The Juvenile Justice System in Michigan is focused on rehabilitating youth instead of punishing them. This can give your son or daughter a second chance should they commit crimes.

Juvenile crimes in Michigan that use the Juvenile Justice System include: drug use or possession, assault and battery, trespassing, petty and grand theft, violent crimes, property crimes, possession of alcohol or fake ID, arson, traffic violations, DUI, drag racing and probation violations.

At Luedke Law Group, we handle many cases related to juvenile matters. If your child has been charged with crimes that are referred to the Michigan Juvenile Justice System, we recommend you contact our office immediately.

The juvenile crime specialists at Luedke Law Group will be happy to review your child’s case and answer your questions. We know that you and your child may be very upset and anxious. We will be more than happy to walk you through the juvenile process and represent your son or daughter in any proceedings.

Your initial consultation at Luedke Law Group is always free, so be sure you contact us as soon as you can, especially if your child has been incarcerated. We can help.