Personal Protection Matters in Michigan | Luedke Law Group

Personal Protection Matters Personal protection issues in Michigan are very serious. In many cases, a person will either initiate a Personal Protection Order or be served with one. If you are involved in a situation where a PPO may be issued, you want to talk with an attorney at the Luedke Law Group immediately.

In Michigan a Temporary Restraining Order is the same as a PPO, but is temporarily granted until a hearing is set to determine whether a Personal Protection Order should be granted.

At Luedke Law Group, we are experienced in representing individuals who are requesting that a PPO be issued against another person, whether it’s because of assaults, threats of violence, stalking, fear of physical harm or interfering with your freedom, i.e., the individual attempted to kidnap you or prevent you from leaving your home.

If you are the target of a Personal Protection Order in Michigan, you’ll want to contact us before it has been granted. We can intervene on your behalf and provide representation in the proceedings, which can be complex and confusing to someone who is not familiar with Michigan PPO laws.

If you are accused of violating a PPO or a TRO, Luedke Law Group can help you defend yourself in court. These are serious charges and you will want to retain experienced counsel to ensure that you are properly and effectively defended.

Luedke Law Group specialize in all personal protection matters in Michigan, ensuring that you feel safe, aren’t adversely affected by a PPO or TRO or aren’t falsely accused of violating one.